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5 killer employee benefits ideas

As the marketplace changes, also the expectations of employees change. The days when employees were loyal to the same company for years and years are now over.

It’s very important to remember what many say: people don’t quit jobs, they quit their bosses. Therefore, maintaining a good relationship with their managers and company leadership.


Millennials, more than other generations, are looking for more than a steady paycheck. Today’s workers care about growing and learning opportunities, being challenged, feeling that the company appreciates them as people, and let’s say it: BENEFITS! Extra things that go beyond they salary.

If you are a Human Resources professional, here are some ideas to include in your benefits plan:

  1. Supplemental healthcare: sure, healthcare is important for everyone and it should be considered. It's very common. 
  2. Free meals: as a reward for their hard work, employees can be rewarded with free meals.
  3. Workouts: free coffee. Sounds silly, but people need their caffeine, usually spend lots of money, so this is definitely an interesting option.
  4. Life insurance: many employees might worry what will happen to their families if something happens to them. 
  5. Bicycle repair service: having an increasing number of people commuting by bicycle, surely many will have issues: flat tires, breaks that don't exactly break... etc. Why not giving them the chance to get their bikes fixed on premise while they also learn how to do it?

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Diego F.

Written by Diego F.